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Birth of Legends

2009-10-04 14:51:55 by Rebbeg

Birth of Legends
1. Surfing Starlight (3.58)
2. Phoenix (Throne of Ashes, King of the Sky) (4.35)
3. Death and Resurection (3.34)
(Bonus track) Enter the Myth (1.38)

I present you: my best works so far.
Because all three songs (excluding the bonus song) were written
in a relatively short time-span and because I consider these songs
the crown on three years of learning how to write music,
I decided to bind my latest works into a 'self-proclaimed album':
Birth of Legends

The name of this album comes straight out of the arrogance and pride
I feel: I delivered a fine collection of music to my standard
(note: I said 'fine' and not 'superb', I'm still an amature)

note: due to bad recording quality, then song sounds different on each computer
note2: it should sound louder but first the recorder silences it, then newgrounds does

fun-fact time!
- All four songs are written in standard guitar tuning
- Writing the three main songs took me about 4 hours on avarage each
- The bonus track took me 2 hours, I created it for fun
- None of the songs has a bass guitar
(I admit: I CAN'T write bass tabs, it never sounds right)
- Guitar Pro is easy to use, but the result is often lacking
in depth and sound
- I'm not capable of playing any of these songs myself
since I'm only a starting guitarist. (I can play some parts though)

A request for the audience:
Advice is welcome about:
- Bass tabing
- Guitar Pro (I consider myself good at it, prove me wrong)
- Songwriting in general

Rate, comment on all three songs,
and most of all: enjoy!

It's me

2009-06-16 15:08:43 by Rebbeg

Hi newgrounds,

Although this isn't the first time I uploaded a song here
my 'step into the next' isn't called that just to give it a name

I redrawed my previous subs 'cause I got bad scores,
and I cried (as in whining)
and then people threw mud at me (sort of)

So I had some thought about it,
and I found that I can definitely be good,
I just gotta work harder.

And although my 'step into the next' isn't quite finished
I decided to upload it anyway,
as a way of showing that I can and will be better.

I still got a lot of work ahead of me,
and a lot of experience to gain.
But I have commenced,
and I like it.

Rock on,